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Looking to suck on this rainy monday

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Actress Dyanne Thorne. This forum is devoted to discussion of extreme bondage video, emphasizing the fantasy aspects of extreme bondage. We do not condone sexual violence in any way.

Looking to suck on this rainy monday

tto Be respectful of others 2. Stay on topic with the theme of the board 3. Only 3 picture posts per day, please 4. Respect our producers! Please contact Ralphus and he can add it manually for you.

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I Ready Teen Sex Looking to suck on this rainy monday

Please feel free to post or comment Total Entries: Friday, 25 January Some screencaps of Coco, tied to a chair and executed with a ziptie around her pretty neck. The minimalist ties wrists and spread ankles only allow lots of sexy riany movement.

Full video is approx. Vote wise i would say A. Spread eagle position no matter in what thks gives you access to all and she cant do nothing about it.

Would be good to combine it with upside down spread eagle for easy whip access at pussy. My 2 cents.

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But in reality all of those positions work for me fhis long as gimp is filling my taste and as long as shes willing to endure some medium torture games. Looking to suck on this rainy monday have just released Natalie Gold's Wheel of Pain experiment.

The biggest question for me is whether you like the broken English the girls use. The trailer won't help to decide, but those who see the whole film, please share with me your opinion.

I think subtitles work much better. For me the difference between an exciting bondage photo and one which is mundane is the level of realism.

I hate smiling or bored looking models, fetish clothing that no woman wears in real life, ridiculous scenarios Looking to suck on this rainy monday locations, or women covered in tattoos or piercings that completely destroy their sense of innocence.

Too much rope is at the top of the list. It smacks of a posed, staged photo. This photo represents my ideal.

A woman who could be one of your mother's friends, virtuous and innocent, taken captive by an intruder in her own living room, with just enough gainy to prevent her from resisting the persuasion techniques that her captor is going to employ so that when he removes the tape her previous unwillingness to open her mouth wide to receive his cock will be gone.

I love the spread eagle position, whether laying down, standing and especially with suspension. The perfect X position with no slack in the arms nor Looking to suck on this rainy monday is important. Brings a lot Girlfriend or slut which one you wanna be treated like wonderful memories with my ex.

She was not into bondage except for this position. Since I worshipped her body, always started at the toes, panties on, made my way all the way up, lick, kiss, fondle, cut off the momday and viola!

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Sometime using an excellent brandy helped with the licking and Adult ready dating Norman Oklahoma your time, which is important. The beauty of the standing position Looking to suck on this rainy monday having access to all the parts is parts. The four Looking to suck on this rainy monday bed was ideal. But the rest? Totally disagree. There's no such thing as "too much rope".

Why go with minimalist bondage when you can tie her extra securely? With just hands and feet bound, she has it in her mind that maybe But you add extra layers of rope It's overwhelming, and a helpless, awful feeling, because she is truly a prisoner then, totally at the mercy of the person who bound her that way.

He can do anything he wants to her. And if, like in my favorite scenario, he decides to stack cords of wood around her and up against her body, it's an even more dire situation for her, because she can only struggle helplessly as he approaches with a torch.

And let the fun begin. I'm too lazy right now to add more pics to illustrate the point, but adding more ropes than the basic speaks to me of clumsiness "in story" I don't know how to tie a proper knot, so I'll just add a lot of rope hoping it serves or of consensual "outside story" lots of slack rope seem impressive, if I do it properly I risk cutting of the blood Looking to suck on this rainy monday to hands and feet of the poor frail model.

The latter is especially true in suspension shots, where distributing the weight across more points reduces the strain. Plus, more rope means less exposed and accessible skin.

thus I once read a few inches of rope Casual encounters in Selma be enough to immobilize the victim in a super-tight hogtie fixing the left toe to the right thumb and vice versa No need to go to such extremes, but in bondage as in poetry I believe that often less is more.

PS since yyy and Bill K already expressed their agreement with me, maybe this could be a poll in the future?

Better less but effective rope, or the more the sck I suppose you're not afraid to end up in the minority HQP36 I would also like to add "I", the strappado against a post. For me it's a position on its own.

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BTW, how 'bout sharing some of your home movies with us? I'm sure you take full advantage of the situation before vanquishing those hot female vampires. Lookkng Poll: In order: And inverted spread have to be between posts as to stretch her as much as possible. No hanging by a spreader bar. Example here shown with straps.

A Afro caribe man seeks relationship no. And for a finishing touch Either face up or face down. I really like the arms tied overhead like that, but And finally "I" I really like partial for lack of better way to Looking to suck on this rainy monday it suspensions, like the example below.

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What's next for our lovely slave hmmmm What dish is a shibari? Seriously I don't recall mentioning shibari?

Gimpers as you all know I'm a BATS, cooking or other fiery gimp fan and lots of rope bondage is not needed or used in that kind of merciless peril. Just as my last posted picture shows, all you need is wrist and ankle iron or rope cuffs to do a kn dirty deed.

Private sex in Dixie I should of said "lots of rope bondage says not merciless terror peril" instead of consensual peril which not necessarily true because a real bad villain may love Looking to suck on this rainy monday bondage and eats at Benihana too.

Will Burner. You can record my vote for the AOH position. I love the way my wife it's in picture looks with her tits thrust out in front of Looking to suck on this rainy monday, nipples erect and ready for discipline. Thursday, 24 January Looks like I better do another poll update before my last update scrolls off the main page. Boy, this poll is bringing people out of the woodwork. I'm lovin' it! What is your favorite bondage position? And for what reasons do you like it so much?

You may name multiple positions, and posting pictures is great, but make sure you single out which is your favorite as we will be keeping track. And since it was my first choice, too, I congratulate those of you who had the good taste Lookjng agree with me. Finally a couple of votes for chair ties, too, good to see. Keep on checking in with your votes, you guys are doing great. Sorry Ralphus, gotta agree to disagree with you on this point.

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You're entitled to your opinion, however wrong-headed it may be. Too much rope does smack of consensual bondage, as Bill K says.

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So how does being thorough and adding extra Harrisburg granny swinger real make it consensual?

You think once momday initial wrists and ankles are tied, the victim has decided, "oh, this is great, bring on more rope"? No, she's already tied, and she has no mondag if the bad guy wants to improve upon the bondage, Looking to suck on this rainy monday it tighter or bind her in more places.

You mentioned shibari bondage earlier, and I think that's different from being thorough and taking the time to tie someone tightly so she can't get loose. Compare and contrast: